10 Travel Vloggers That Inspire Me and Why (And some new vloggers to check out)

What I’m Learning From These Top Vloggers

I do have a Youtube channel. It's kind of all over the place. It only has a few videos at the moment. I’m realizing that I want to take a different approach to my videos. So I’m taking a break to retool and get my sh$t together. The best thing about taking a step back from my YouTube channel is to really study the travel vloggers that inspire me and why they do. It's helping me to narrow my focus for the future.

Whether it’s because they are funny, or very humble, or fearless or a great filmmaker, I find that I can binge watch their videos. I get so pumped and am learning tons. Many of these people you know, and I’ve added a few to watch out for.

(Note this list is by no means complete and I’m missing lots of other great vloggers. But I want to focus on the ones I’ve been checking out the most lately)

Adventure Vloggers (Operation “Don’t be Scared via Following the Fearless Ones)

1. Sawyer Hartman: He’s a daily vlogger based in California. Not solely a travel blogger, but he travels quite a bit. His travel videos are funny, very honest and his passion for travel and filmmaking really shows. I like the give and take between him and his girlfriend too, who is sometimes the voice of reason. They are a cute couple.

What I’ve Learned: I study him for his cinematography. With his drone, he gets amazing shots and edits his videos like a true filmmaker. He also makes short films

His fear of monkeys is hilarious, but the beach he finds is gorgeous!

2.Louis Cole (Fun4Louis): I love this guy. He is a true adventure vlogger. Fearless and fun, his videos are also very educational. His respect for the local cultures and traditions is very noticeable. The thing that draws me to him is his fearlessness and a true sense of adventure. He seems to love jumping off of things or into things or hanging from things. Although I don’t see myself doing some of that, he makes me feel like I can. He makes it look so easy and his energy is infectious.

What I’ve learned: Check out the editing. It’s killer! His 360 series is amazing

This Video sums up all the reasons to travel and why loves it


“How will You Live Your Adventure?” – Louis Cole

3. Erik Conover: He’s another daily blogger turned travel blogger. Erik’s kind and humble personality draw me into him. Of course, it doesn't help that he's super handsome. His videos are very honest and at times he seems to be baring his soul. Recently, he’s started traveling and I have to say his travel videos are not only shot and edited VERY well, but his passion for new locations and sharing those with his subscriber's shows. His series in the Maldives is a MUST WATCH.

What I’ve Learned: That it’s ok to be yourself and to share who you are with people. People connect with honesty. He’s also another editing wiz. His intros are amazing!

Awesome video of him and his pals swimming and surfing. Nice Shots Dude!

“Smile More, Worry Less and Live Your Passion” – Erik Conover

4. Lost LeBlanc: He’s the new kid on the block but has already amassed a large following. He’s already created a brand for himself, has a line of products and does speaking engagements. He’s young, in his 20’s and he’s an inspiring entrepreneur and adventurer. His channel started in 2015 and he already has 225,790 subscribers

What I’ve Learned: He walked away from a good job to pursue his dreams. He inspires me to do so. He also gets a lot of haters and handles them gracefully. Even creating a video addressing his haters and turning it into a call to inspire them.

This Video is his story of who he started and shows that I can be done & how

"Follow your passion and you will be blown away at what you can accomplish”. – Christian Leblanc

Foodie Vlogger (Making Me Wanna Eat the Weird Stuff)

5. Migrationology: Mark Weins has a great blog and makes informative travel videos. His love for food shows with every bite of food he takes (check out his adorable post-bite smile). His travel guides provide so much useful information. "Most-go" places, off-the-beaten-path places, best places to eat and more. He also lives in Thailand and makes videos on how to cook Thai food. His kind and gentle nature really shows. If you’re into street food he’s your guy.

What I’ve learned: His love and respect for the culture and cuisine has inspired me to add more foodie content to my videos.

His Video on Tokyo was so helpful for my first trip to there.

Slightly Lesser Known Vloggers to Check out

6. Erwan Heussaff: His Overnight Travel Guide Series is awesome and focuses on nightlife and other fun things to do when the sun goes down. His videos are loaded with great tips and hacks that are helpful if you’re in a location for a short period. He is also a “former fat kid” and has lots of videos on food and recipes.

Things I’ve Learned: I love the documentary style of his videos where he narrates. He’s a great writer and it shows in his narration. His videos arent allows centered around him.

This Overnight in Osaka lead me to some great places to go

7. Soniastravels: A Venezuelan blogger who got her start with language learning videos. She also is affiliated with the site videos are a great collection of travel tips and how-is like “Travel Tips: How to Survive a Long Flight”. Packing tips, travel booking tips, and travel gear reviews all make for a great content for all travelers.
She aims to solve the problems of travelers. She's fun and sassy and very smart.

An intro video on what her channel is all about. Includes travel tips

"Traveling is about an attitude, not about a checklist. Each city has it's own vibe, pace and energy"

Black Travel Vloggers (Yeah, It’s about to get a lil Racial)

Being a woman of color, I noticed there is a lack of black travel bloggers. Their audiences are noticeably smaller, but that does not mean that there isn't great content out there.

8. Being Neiicey: I adore her fun energy and her realness. Her videos are shot in daily vlog style. I think she's shooting from her phone. So you follow her as when she's at the beach or hotel or eating dinner. She travels with friends and it’s fun to watch the “hanging with my girls vibe”. Her commentary is funny at times. It’s like watching a friend's home movies.

What I Like: I like her “day in my life” approach and It makes me also want to travel more with my friends and share in the group experience.

5 Reasons to Fall In Love with Colombia (Un-narrated Documentary Style Travel Guide)

9.Oneika The Traveler: Oneika has been around for a while. She also has a blog. Her videos cover travel and lifestyle. She covers issues relevant to traveling as a woman of color that is helpful. She has real discussions of what it’s like to travel while black and how she is perceived in certain countries. Her videos are in both documentary and vlog style. Her energy is fun to watch.

What I Like: I admit it's for a selfish reason, but it’s important to me to see black woman YouTubers that are as hungry about travel as I am.

10. PassportHeavy: His vlogs focus on his life in Columbia. He injects humor into his travel guides and shows both the fun and real life side. I enjoy his fun personality.

A real look at the cost of travel to Medellin, Columbia

Who are YOUR favorite Travel Youtubers? What videos have inspired you the most??

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