Why the #%$&? Aren't There Musician Travel Bloggers!!?


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Seriously, where are all the musician travel bloggers? So many of us live on the road part-time, if not full-time. I love to travel and learn about the world.  I love to read travel blogs. Getting to read about fabulous people eating fabulous food, doing fabulous activities and generally just being super-annoyingly fabulous.

Every blog that I go to always tells you what the best places to eat at are, best attractions and activities, the best coffee shops and maybe even the best places to meet locals. This is all well and good, but not so often is it talked about, all the great places to see music and the arts. 

There is definitely a gap in the blog market or the blarget, as I lovingly just started calling it, for content aimed at musicians who travel for A living or full-time travelers that appreciate music and the arts. I know you've watched travel blogs and check out photos of people hanging from cliffs to get a great shot. Skateboarding, hang-gliding and other risky activities.

I can promise you that I will NEVER do Any of those things. You will NOT Catch me dangling from anything, flying through the air and jumping off anything. If you see me doing any of these things, I have been drugged please call my family and Barack Obama.
What I will do is my best to give you guys a insiders view of my life on the road and share the best tips that I can from location to Location. I will document my progress from being a newbie blogger and sharing what I've learned along the way to help other new bloggers. I want to share my photos, my love of al things tech and nerdy, and my journey with you all.


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  1. Aundrea Watkins Reply

    Awesome!!! Excited to be able to be part of your exciting journey. Livng vicariously through you!!

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