How to Pimp out Your Hotel Room

If living in hotels full-time gets you down, let me show you some hotel hacks and help you Pimp Out Your Room. You may or may not have items from home with you and can be stuck with the items the room comes with. In my video, i try to show some of the things that help me make my room more like home. I've also created a list below that includes the things I address in the video and a few more that I didn't mention. I will also provide links to where you can get these things if you feel that they will be a help to you. They are affiliate links, so if you click them, I get a few bucks that will go back into funding more videos. Enjoy!!

8 Ways to Pimp out Your Hotel Room 


1. Get a white noise Machine : It comes in handy to drown out hallway and wall noise. I keep mine halfway between my bed and the door to get best results with eliminating hallway sounds. This is the one that I use. It's the first thing that I setup when I arrive. Get it here!

2. Get a device to stream video : I use the Roku 2, but Apple TV is also great if you have a lot of Apple products. Get Roku 2 here!

3. A hotspot for wifi : I HIGHLY recommend traveling with a hotspot, as some hotels have very bad or spotty service. I personally use Verizon hotspot, but there are many brands to choose from. I find that my 20GB is enough for the month if I don't go crazy with streaming.

4. Candles : Candles are great for setting the mood, making your room smell nice and helping you to relax. They don't really like that because it's a fire hazard. So just use common sense and don't leave it by the curtains. 

5. A power strip and extension cord : I tend to travel a lot of electronics and there never seems to be enough in places to plug them in. I Keep one power cord set up and depending on the size of the room, I may need to use the extension cord as well. 

6. Put all hotel-related products in one space : All hotels come with pamphlets, cards, advertisements and religious books. If you do not want these in your space, simply put them in a free drawer (if you have one) or on the top shelf of the closet. 

7. Bring a picture from home : I personally keep a picture of my 2-year-old niece in my room. To remind me of home and to cheer my up on those days that are a little harder than others. 

8. A Multi USB charging device : If you have a lot of devices that can be charged via USB, I highly recommend this device. It has 5 charging ports and 2 of those are for rapid charging. Check it out here!

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