13 Traits of Travel Bloggers

What Are Some Characteristics of Travel Bloggers??

I’ve now been travel blogging for about 4 months. I’ve learned so much about the lifestyle and that's made me even hungrier to travel. I have many travel bloggers that I look up to and try to learn from. Even though I don’t know any of them personally, I started seeing a pattern in the personalities. So I've narrowed it down to the 13 Traits of Travel Bloggers that I see. If you are an aspiring travel blogger, these may be useful traits to adopt.

This is my no means an exhaustive list. It's  meant as a jumping off point for further discussion. I see these qualities in myself as well, and I know that I’ve found my calling. I'd bet if you're a travel blogger or aspiring to be you recognize these in yourself as well. 

What Drives Us The Most

Our families think we are crazy. Or we’re trying to run away. Or we’re afraid of commitment. But I call BS! Anytime a group of people steps outside of the cultural norms it’s seen as a negative. It doesn’t have to be. We walk to our own beat and follow our passions. Which leads me to the first trait.

1. Rebelliousness (That’s a word, right? Who care’s I’m rebelling!) : What other words can explain the thousands of people that toss aside that corporate job, because they don’t like being told what to do. They want to call the shots and follow their passions. To hell with “what we’re supposed to do”!

2. Fearlessness: I find myself addicted to blog posts and pictures where some travel blogger is exploring an unknown cave or skydiving. Even the fact that traveling to a small remote village were English is not spoken is scary to most people. Not Us. Not my for one of my travel blogging heroes like Matt at Expertvagabond who camped on a Live Volcano. Seriously, who does this but a true traveler?! Are you willing to eat some Fried Scorpion, like  Richelle? Hell yes!! 

traveler fearless rock climbing

3. Curiosity: For some people, they prefer things that are familiar to them. They tend not to want to try new foods, travel to new places, or hangout wth people drastically different from them. But when you travel the world, you are automatically forced to do all of those things.

I crave the different. Different foods people, lifestyles. I’m attracted to things I'm not used to and crave learning. I want to absorb as many new things as possible. This is an ESSENTIAL trait to be a nomad. So get curious….about everything!   

4. Itchy Feet: Aka “Wanderlust”. That need that we all have to keep moving. I know if I stay in a place for too long, I start to feel the need to head to the next adventure. I think being a person that is somewhat “unattached”, is a helpful nomad trait. If you are prone to be attached to people, places, and things, it becomes harder to move on.

Learning to live a minimalistic life is something that all full-time travelers learn how to do at some point.  

5. Passion:  I think this is THE most important trait to have as a travel blogger. This is the trait that ALL of the bloggers that I follow have. It’s what keeps us reading their post. Passion is infectious. Travelers like Mark at Migrationolgy and Louis Cole on Youtube at FunForLouis have such passion. Every time I read a post or watch a video, my excitement grows.        

6. Addicted to Adventure: I'd venture to say that some adventure travel bloggers, border on being adrenaline junkies. It's not a bad thing. But even if it doesn't translate to hanging off cliff, everyday somewhere new is an adventure. 

Fearlessness and Passion!!

The Traits That Keep Travelers Safe

7. Ability to Make Friends Easily: When you travel the world, especially if you’re a solo traveler it can get lonely. Being able to be friendly and courteous to the locals can open so many doors for you. If you’re good at striking up a conversation at a coffee shop or a bar, you may learn hidden secrets. Or better yet, make friends to hang out with while you’re where you are. Don’t be shy. Be Bold!

8. Being Intuitive: This is a BIG one. We don’t often hear stories of travelers being kidnapped or attacked. As a female solo traveler, you may be tempted to think we often are targets. Having good instincts and intuition prevents you from going down that sketchy dark alley, or not hopping into a cab when the driver is acting strangely.

Learning to follow your gut serves travelers well. Check out Caz and Craig at YTravel Blog's post on Staying Safe as a Solo Female Traveler. These ideas can apply to all solo travelers. 

9. Ok with Solitude: As you realize that you are ok with being alone, your confidence will grow. Of course, it’s great to be out exploring and meeting people. But there needs to be alone time as well.

  1. To recharge your batteries for the next adventure.

  2. To let what you’ve just seen sink-in.

  3. To take care of yourself through meditation or fitness.

"Our families think we are crazy. Or we’re trying to run away. Or we’re afraid of commitment…Anytime a group of people steps outside of the cultural norms it’s seen as a negative…We walk to our own beat and follow our passions."

The Lifestyle Isn’t For Everyone

10. Tourism is for the Tourist: I have yet to read a travel blog post telling you the most obvious things to do when you travel. Travel bloggers aim for the lesser known locations and activities. That’s what makes us follow them. Of course, It’s helpful to know the “Top 5 Things to Do in Rome”, but mainly so you can avoid them and get a more authentic experience.

We want to go where the locals are. Eat what they eat. This isn’t a vacation. And you want to experience it all. 

11. Living Minimalistically: People have been backpacking for years. I have yet to do so. Mainly because I've always thought “How Can I Pack my Whole Life Into 1 Backpack”. It can be done. You just have to learn what you can and can’t live without. Which goes back to my earlier point of being unattached to things. If you can't live without your 55-inch tv or 12 of your favorite pairs of shoes, you’re going to be in trouble.

Prioritize what you needs are vs your wants. If you need a place to start, check out this post on how to travel with one backpack.

love of photography-minimalistic

Sharing the Travel Bug

12. Love of Photography: A picture is not only worth a thousand words, it’s worth so much more. 1 picture shared by a traveler can make you decide to finally go to Thailand because the beauty stuns you. It can make you eat the strangest things because someone’s Instagram post made it look beyond delicious. You can’t resist it now.If you want to truly be inspired check out this list of Top Travelers’ Instagrams.

13. The desire to Share and Educate: All the travel bloggers have this in common. With every post, they are sharing their stories. The best travel bloggers are the ones that educate us and give us tips based on their experiences. This is the characteristic I find most admirable. It’d be very easy to be selfish and keep all the best secrets to yourself. But what's the point of that?

Inspiration is infectious and no better way to spread the inspiration is showing your readers where they can find it.

What Other traits do you see? What other traits do you think travel bloggers should have? Who are your favorites? Let’s share and educate each other!

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