How to Learn SEO if you’re a newbie


Create a Blog: SEO Basics

So now you’ve installed WordPress or your blogging platform of choice, chosen a theme, written a few posts, and find that they are not showing up in Google searches.

Why is that? SEO man. It's all about the SEO (Search Engine Optimization. Which basically means that you need to create your content keeping certain keywords and phrases in mind and then, sprinkling them throughout your posts. There are also things called Long Tail Keywords, which are typically more than 3 words and are often more specific.

A Keyword is a word or a phrases that you want Google to find and rank your site with.


So How Do I Know what Keywords to Use??

Well, you well want to sit down and brainstorm your topic. Once you’ve done that its time to use some SEO resources to find out what keywords and phrases people are searching for. So let’s check out a few places to start.
1. Google Keyword Planner: This is an excellent place to start. You need to create a Google Adwords account (which is free). Once in, do a search for a subject of your blog and also phrases similar to that. I normally start with the section labeled "search for new keywords using a phrase website or category”.

Google Keyword Planner Search


I usually will type in phrases like “How to Create a Blog”. Hit the blue “Get Ideas” button. It will then show me all the variations for that phrases.


These are the keyword phrases that you will use throughout your post. Most importantly as a URL, your Heading1 and the first paragraph of your post. I recommend installing the plugin YOAST SEO. It will walk you through how to improve your SEO.

Another Way to Do It

2. Type your Search into Google and scroll down to the bottom. This will show other related searches that people are searching for. These can also be used throughout your post.



Other Resources


A blogger that I really enjoy, Matthew Woodward has what he calls The Worlds Best List Of Free SEO Tools. He’s a very good marketing and SEO blogger. It's Definitely worth checking out.

I will continue to Part 4 (More SEO for Newbies) next


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