All The Mistakes I’ve Made

Like all new bloggers starting out, or ANY person starting something new, I’ve made a lot of mistakes. A LOT! (Dammit). The more I learn, the more I look at my blog and say “Oh Crap, Gotta fix this ASAP". So I'm still focusing for you all on how to create your own blog and common mistakes that new bloggers make. Let's continue, shall we?

As far as mistakes, It's ok, because I'm learning. So I'm creating this to solidify for myself what I'm learning but to hopefully help other new bloggers. So, learn from my boo boos.

So let’s begin with the biggest mistake a Blogger can make….

Mistake #1: Making My Posts Too Long

My first few posts were terribly long, mini “War and Peace” long. I had many long paragraphs, that were not broken down into smaller pieces. I now know that will cause people to not read them. Because we are now a skimming culture, you need to make things bite-sized. To make your blog more readable, do the following for sure:

Use no more than 4-5 sentences per paragraph. Break longer paragraphs into shorter paragraphs. Some can be a single sentence.

Mistake #2: Not Using images In Post

The eyes are more easily drawn to images on a page. Pictures at the top of a post are highly effective because it draws the readers eyes down the page. Placing a few HIGH-QUALITY images through your post will, again, draw your readers eyes downward. And before you know it they've read your whole post! Further to that issue…

Mistake #3: Not Using Featured Images

These are the images that show up on your “blog page”. Which should be your homepage. Without images, the blog page looks very boring. Trust me. I'm STILL fixing this issue on this site. I’m having to go back to my old posts and create images in Canva, and awesome program for graphics, since I'm still learning Photoshop. And I have no patience. AT ALL. 

With the advent of Pinterest, we’ve gotten used to seeing images to attract us to posts we may want to read. Admittedly, I’m more likely to click on a post on Pinterest with a catchy title and a cool image. So that's something to consider.

Use no more than 4-5 sentences per paragraph. Break longer paragraphs into shorter paragraphs. Some can be a single sentence.

Tip: Make use of Block Quotes as another way to draw the eyes down

Pinterest and Social Media Icons
Create Captions for Your Images Too!!

Last Mistake: Not Keeping Your Post Content Consistent.


I started my blog with the purpose of being a travel blog for touring musicians. The problem is, musicians don't read blogs.

So now that I'm settled on being a travel blogger that also talks about how to blog, gadgets and does reviews, I’ve decided to delete old content. I want new readers to see a focused and consistent content. So now, I am playing catchup to create content.

Speaking of that, gotta run.

Check out the next part of the series tomorrow…

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