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How to Blog for Profit: Without Selling Your Soul by Ruth Soukup


How to Blog for Profit Review Book Review

In my efforts to become not only a better blogger but to read more so that I can be smart and junk, I've committed myself to reading 1-3  E-books per week. I'm usually not a bigger reader, and I know, my friends are probably saying "Slow Down Sherisse, you can barely read, go play outside". I found a great book that's been very helping "How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Soul". It's a MUST READ for bloggers.  

I want to discuss an excellent book that I read this week. It's by Ruth Soukup, who runs the Lifestyle blog She's a stay at home mom, full-time blogger, and entrepreneur. There is a wealth of information in this book.

Like many bloggers, I read books on blogging for tips and strategies. But I also read them for encouragement. Having an established and successful blogger saying "you can do it" and "here's how I did I" only fuels my passion further. It makes it seem more attainable.

Her Vibe

Her enthusiasm shows this attitude starting in her first chapter "Start with Awesome". She feels she was "born to be a blogger". Her goal was to make enough money so that she and her husband, an engineer, could quit. She tells of him being skeptical. Ultimately, she preaches of writing your passion and about what's "awesome" and the Mikey will come with commitment. I found this quote very helpful.

The secret to successfully blogging for profit is learning how to maintain authenticity with your readers while at the same time successfully navigating the behind-the-scenes waters of running a business and building a brand." – Ruth Soukup

Her way to awesome is creating content. And she proposes that you be able to answer some of the questions of

To see more of these questions you really should buy this book.

Ask yourself the following questions again: What do you love more than anything? What are you most passionate about? What makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning, or gets you fired up to a point that you just can’t stop talking about it? What is it that you are really good at?" from – Ruth Soukup

Her Tips

She also gives fantastic tips for maintaining a blog that were very informative and she gave me new things to implement. She recommends the following:
1. Create an editorial calendar so that you can preplan your posts well ahead of time
2. Be sure to create Pillar Content which is basically a post full of content that drives traffic. Some of these go viral which will bring in more reads.
3. Make sure to have good images in your post and pinnable content. Pinterest is fast becoming one of the top search engines. The more content you can get on there, the better.

Linking with Other Bloggers

The biggest thing that she mentions, that I hadn't heard of were “Link Parties”. A link party helps you link to other bloggers and get backlinks by commenting on each others post around a topic.
Blogger Girl on the Move compiled an excellent list of link parties. She blog is nicely organized with great content and I recommend checking out her list.

Other Topics Covered

Other topics that she covered in detail include:
1. Blog conferences
2. Guest Posting
3. Social Media
4. SEO
5. Selling Products

I HIGHLY recommend this book for bloggers. ESPECIALLY newer bloggers, like myself, that are trying to learn all that they can to make their blog better. 

You can get the book here

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