Blog Social Media Rules: How to Create Buzz for Your Blog Effectively and Efficiently
(A Book Review)

I've recently had the pleasure of reading an excellent book on how to nail social media if you are a blogger. The Blogger Babes not only have an excellent blog, but this book is 1 in a series of books dedicated to helping bloggers get better. As a new blogger, I've found this book quite helpful and I wanted to pass along this helpful resource to fellow bloggers.

At 70 pages, it was an easy read. I found myself highlighting so many sections. I've been able to implement many of their tips since reading and I've been able to almost triple my social media presence.

I really like how they broke down each chapter by social media platform. It was written in simple to understand English, and in a tone that seems to almost know that you're new to this whole social media thing. 

It All Starts with Facebook

As Facebook is the largest social media platform this was an excellent place to start. Having a Facebook page is not about "creating an account to spam people" and they mention severals time the importance of sharing content that is "useful, engaging and relevant".

My Facebook page is relatively new and I assumed that I should only share my posts and photos, but it helped me to see the importance of sharing other content that would be relevant. It forces me to keep up with other bloggers posts as well as finding articles to share.

"Is You Post Useful? Will it encourage discussion"? Being able to answer this question is one that I will continue to ask myself with each post.

The most helpful tip "Update Once A Day" may seem obvious to most people, but I had let large gaps in between my posts and I and now aiming to fix this issue. Sometimes you just need a little reminder.

Other Topics Include

  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Apps
  • Facebook's Edgerank Algorithm

"Is You Post Useful? Will it encourage discussion"

Twitter is Essential

I've had a twitter account for a few years now but never used it. I thought twitter was stupid. How wrong was I? It's become an essential tool for promoting my blog and I wish I had started using it sooner. They, of course, break down the basics, from choosing your twitter name to how to use hashtags.

The most valuable piece of information in this section is the 4-1-1 Method.
You tweet 4 informative tweets from others and then you post a promotional tweet.
It's something that had not occurred to me, but I am now trying to stick by it. If you're not already doing this, you should start. Highly effective!

Other Topics Include

  • Doing Tweet Chats
  • Promoted Tweets
  • Keeping Your Content Fresh

Don't Ignore LinkedIn

I a guilty of this. I haven't set up a LinkedIn profile for my blog. It intimidates me. This chapter helped me to see that it's not the big bad wolf that I thought it was.

On their blog, they actually have an excellent article about LinkedIn. This chapter is basically an extension of that. So I will defer you that post and of course recommend that you get the book for further information.

Topics Include

  • LinkedIn Blogs
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • LinkedIn Ads

What is Pinterest and Why Should I Care?

Pinterest is a powerful visual tool for bloggers. It is also the fastest growing social media platform. I'm really starting to love Pinterest. Although it is more favored in the lifestyle, fashion and recipe bloggers, it is a great tool for ALL bloggers and a great way to get more followers.

Create infographics with your tips or visual blog representations to increase your influence. 

This chapter includes many useful tips and tricks. Some favorites include:

  • "Pin More Than Your Usual Topics"
  • "Use 'Pin It' Button on Your Blog"
  • "Invite Others to Pin Their Images to Your Boards"

There are numerous tips and tricks in this chapter. Follow their recommendations and watch you Pinterest presence grow!

What is the Point of Instagram?

If you love photography and take nice pictures why not use Instagram to show off your talents? It's an excellent tool to get people around the world familiar with your brand and blog.

Finding other like-minded people is incredibly easy, and you'll expose your photos and website to people who may never have found it otherwise. 

Ponn and Heidi recommend that you create an Instagram plan, where you have a theme for each day. If you've only been posting pictures that you've taken you may want to consider using the theme idea to vary your content.

Create collages to get "20% more likes and 25% more comments".

Other Subjects Include:

  • How to use Hashtags
  • Posting at Optimal Times

I don't want to give away all the secrets. But I will say that the book goes on to do the same level of detail with both Google+ and Youtube. The girls also discuss how to manage all of these social media platforms and share their recommendations for software and apps that will hep you streamline the process.

The Book ends with a chapter full of useful links from their site and I advise that you not only read the book but check out their site. I actually use their The Ultimate Blogging Binder

I wanted to write this review to not only hep other bloggers but to thank them for their content that has helped me immensely. The more I learn about the blogging community, the more I'm excited to be a part of it.

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