BareNakedNomad: Ultimate Guide To Traveling The World
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bare naked nomad book review

"It all starts with a dream" – Liz Wright

There are those of us who dream of the nomadic life. And those already doing so. But for all of us, there are MUST READ books. Books that serve as the bibles to living the nomadic life and inspire us to pack up our sh$t and hit the road. Firstly, of course, there's Nomadic Matts How to travel the world on $50 a day. Then, Tim Ferris' 4 Hour Work Week. But there’s a NEW book that rocks! This is a great book that I believe will become another classic resource for world travelers. Liz Wright's Bare Naked Nomad: Ultimate Guide to Traveling The World.

At 206 pages it was a fairly easy read. This book is what happens when Nomadic Matt and Tim Ferris' book have a baby (don’t visualize it…just don’t). Then add to it a twist of a female point of view. But this is not just a book for traveling females. It's useful for ALL nomads. 

Humble Beginnings

Like all good books written by travelers, the book starts with her story and which paints a picture of a woman who grew up somewhat poor, but even as a child already had the travel bug. Her first chapter “It All Starts With a Dream" is a resounding call-to-action for the passion dreamers.

She encourages us to get "crystal clear on your own dream". Which is so important, because many have the passion and the dream but no idea how to execute. She wants us setting clear goals and that's exactly what someone like me needs to hear.

How To Get Clear on Your Dreams

She wants us writing things down and speaks to the idea of visualization. "Write it down as if you already accomplished it". The power of visualization is real. 

Things To Write

  • What's Your First Location?
  • What if money were no object?
  • Where Would You Go?
  • What types of experiences do you want?
  • What Kind of Traveler Do You Want To Be?
  • Traveling solo or with someone?

"Write it down as if you already accomplished it” – Liz Wright

Be prepared and fearless

Fearlessness is one of the traits I spoke about in a previous post. Her next chapters focus on encouraging you to face your fears. You cannot live your life in constant fear, but you can prepare yourself before you go to maximize your chances of traveling unscathed.

Her Recommendations on how to prepare:

  • Researching local laws and customs
  • Know Your Embassy Address
  • Dress to blend in (especially for women in countries where they are not used to seeing women showing a lot of skin)

"Traveling should be about learning and understanding other cultures….the more effort we make….the easier it will be to in intergrate and accept these cultures into or own society” – Liz Wright

I'm paraphrasing her but it's THE sentiment that drives so many life-long travelers. The hunger for a true cultural exchange.

Loaded With Power Tips

So many chapters are loaded with useful tips. I found myself highlighting like a crazy person, not wanting to forget such valuable information. There were many things that hadn't occurred to me such as:

  • Scheduling your travel so you arrive during the daylight
  • Don't be under the influence solo (and I love my drinks too) as you can become lost, disoriented and vulnerable to creeps.
  • Keep scans of your passport on google drive or dropbox.

Other Highlights

She covers CouchSurfing extensively, which is honestly a topic that had always worried me a bit. She has a whole chapter on how to deal with language barriers. She's humble and humorous in sharing mistakes she's made while trying to speak a new language. 

How Do You Afford to Travel So Much?

She’s obviously studied some of the top entrepreneurs and talks of how to "pay yourself first" and even recommends other books on how to get more financially sound. I really appreciate do how in-depth she went into finances and it's definitely not a chapter to skip over.

Her chapter on how to deal with earning and saving money is one of the most useful chapters in the whole book. She gives recommendations on what kinds of jobs you can do to eat money while traveling and encourages us to figure out what we're good at and how we can use those skills to keep up with our travel lifestyle.

She Did Some of the Work For Us

If the idea of looking at the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is more sedating than a thanksgiving turkey but you wanna know what countries have the cheapest groceries, she's done the work for you. feel free to thank her.

The really juicy tips come from her Trip Planning: Making your money last section. From how to find the cheaper tickets ala Nomadic Matt Style, to the various ways that you can travel
that don't involve planes. I found it packed full of ideas of "how to get from here to there".

She covers the various housing types in detail that include:

  • Hostels
  • Couchsurfing tips
  • Airbnb's
  • House-Sitting
  • Rentals

Did You Say Free?

There's a chapter called Traveling for Free but that's all I'm going to say because it’s best that you hear it from her.

Links Links and More Links

I also need to say that every chapter ends with a juicy list of everything she's mentioned in the chapter and is good for bookmarking.

Her book ends with an invitation to reach out to her at her website. Which I have done and I have my 30 min free strategy session already booked with her. She's already shown herself to be kind and generous with her information.

Go buy it And read it and leave comments about how you felt about the book.


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