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I'm Sherisse and I'm a Travel Blogger, Professional Bassist, and Hopeful Entrepreneur.  Currently, I am a bassist on tour with a Broadway Show and have been on the road a few years now. I now live in hotels full-time. I'm a very passionate traveler and have been to over 10 countries. I've always had a strong desire to learn about other cultures, eat their food, and learn about their music has been with me as long as I  can remember. I have lived abroad briefly in Amsterdam, speak Brazilian Portuguese semi-fluently and are currently learning Japanese. 

In addition to playing bass guitar, I am also a multi-award winning jazz composer. My other interests are photography and I LOVE all things technology related. 

This year, I decided to take control of my life and do something the I'm passionate about other than performing music. I figured what better way to log my travels, share tips and stories than create a blog. I'm excited to learn and share. I hope you are too!!

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